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The Nutritious Guide To Get Fit

The Nutritious Guide to Get FIT recognizes that everyone learns a little differently. The Nutritious Guide to Get FIT ensures that all our friends can re-create each recipe independently. This guide will teach you how to prepare healthier meals as a family, and how to make healthier eating choices in general. Not only have these recipes been taste-approved by our Get FIT friends, but they have also been health approved by our nutritionists at the Center.

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Get Fit Presents Frugal Bites

The Frugal Bites Cookbook shares budget-friendly AND healthy recipes.

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Wheat Retreat: Gluten-Free Epilepsy Recipe Guide

In this cookbook, Sarah, an Epilepsy patient shares the benefits she has experienced eating whole foods and gluten-free. She shares her favorite recipes. 

“Once you try a nutritious diet, you will see how greatly it can improve your lifestyle.”- Sarah

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