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8. Therapeutic Individualized Diet Prescribed by a Physician or Registered Dietitian May Override Other Standards of Care Recommendations

  1. Registered dietitians nutritionists (RDNs) are the food and nutrition experts. RDNs can help translate nutrition science into practical applications to promote a healthy lifestyle and improve diet quality. Using their nutrition expertise, RDNs help individuals make positive changes that meet their unique food and taste preferences. For more information about the benefits of RDNs, visit the following websites: 
  2. 10 Reasons To See An RD
  3. 10 Ways An RDN Can Assist in Improving Your Health
  4. To Find an RDN Near You Click Here
  5. RDNs can help ensure adequate nutrition through general healthy dietary patterns,  help those who are following a specialized diet to manage a condition, as well as assist those with food allergies and intolerances. 
  6. Specialized diets include a ketogenic diet to manage epilepsy, a diabetic diet, a heart-healthy diet to manage cholesterol and cardiovascular risk factors, a low salt diet to manage high blood pressure.
  7. Interprofessional teams can include registered dietitians, who  provide nutritional ‘counseling’ to support optimal health.
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