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Persons with Disabilities Should Be Offered Three Meals and Healthful Snacks at Appropriate Times and Environment Each Day

5.1 Why do we need 3 nutritious meals and snacks a day?

  1. To help control appetite, lead to feelings of fullness, and avoid overeating
  2. Tips:
    1. Choose foods that satisfy hunger such as foods high in fiber and protein, vegetables or fruits, whole grains, lean chicken/meats, dairy and plant proteins (nuts, seeds, soy). Protein and fiber take longer to digest and help keep our energy levels consistent. Plan your meals and snacks ahead of time 
    2. Do not skip meals, this may cause you to overeat later on  

5.2 The Importance of Mealtime Routine

  1. Sitting down together for mealtime can teach your child how to eat and helps your child develop social skills
  2. Offer your child multiple healthy food choices 
  3. Modeling healthy eating behaviors can encourage others around you to do the same
  4. Make snacks user-friendly
    1. Pre-cut vegetables in small snack bags at eye level in the refrigerator
    2. “The purpose of a snack is to help keep you full so you don’t overeat later” – Clinical Dietitian at Piedmont

This infographic can also be accessed here.

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